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Attending to the National Soul PB evangelical 1914-2014 by Stuart Piggin

Attending to the National Soul PB evangelical 1914-2014 by Stuart Piggin

SKU: 9781925835403

In this major new contribution Stuart Piggin and Robert Linder tell the story of how Australian evangelical Christians responded to the decline of the British empire and to the expanding international reach of their religious mission and beliefs, of how these Christians reacted to the challenges of secularism, and of how they have sought to 'attend to the national soul': sensitising the national conscience and helping to shape the national consciousness.

The authors offer an extensive treatment of evangelical involvement in World Wars I and II and in the wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. They consider Alan Walker and Billy Graham and the development of an energetic evangelism more calculated to address global fears and personal anxieties. And they show that by the beginning of the 21st century conservative, progressive and Pentecostal branches had each learned the necessity of bringing a prophetic ministry to bear on social issues.

This ambitious study seeks to recognise the influence of 'the public opening up of the word of Christ to the world', 'to tell the truth about His influence' on Australia's social and cultural history, and to show that evangelical Christianity continues to be as much a public ethic as a personal credo.  This volume follows on from the award winning The Fountain of Public Prosperity- Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914

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