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A Praying Church PB becoming a people of hope by Paul E. Miller

A Praying Church PB becoming a people of hope by Paul E. Miller

SKU: 9781433561641

Paul Miller, Bestselling Author of A Praying Life, on the Transforming Power of Praying Together

While many Christians know how important prayer is, most churches don't have regular prayer meetings.  Paul E. Miller, bestselling author of A Praying Life, has written A Praying Church to cast a vision for a return to the simple yet life-changing practice of praying together.

Through personal stories and biblical examples, Miller teaches the why, what, and how of communal prayer. He explains that when believers come together in prayer, both the individual and the community will spiritually benefit.  Readers will learn how praying together can transform their communities into beacons of hope and be given practical strategies - such as finding a prayer partner and prioritizing a structured prayer time - to implement these changes in their own church.


  • Ideal for Group Study: Small groups, Sunday school classes, and others will find helpful strategies to think through and discuss
  • Engaging and Personal: Features real life stories, word pictures, and charts to help readers understand the content
  • "A Word to Pastors": Miller closes several chapters with thoughtful reflections specifically for church leaders
  • Foreword by Dane C. Ortlund: Author of the bestselling book, Gentle and Lowly
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