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Fishing with Dogma.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Time to bless you with another chapter in the life of Dogma - by my friend Tim Beattie. I like to fish with Dogma. Although I’m not quite sure What it is we fish for, Or who it is, what’s more.

I think we’re meant to fish for souls, As Jesus taught us to. But somehow that is lost on us- We’ve other things to do.

Like argue, wrestle, chew and spar, Engage in “robust thought”. So what we spend our time on Is almost like a sport.

Perhaps I need to steer him back From his words and books; More like his sisters, Love and Grace, Who fish with gentler hooks.

We’d surely catch more fish that way, Or souls from all around By spending time on what builds up And less on what tears down.

But fish with Dogma’s what I do, Despite his robust ways. It brings great joy to both of us, And wastes away our days.

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